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31 Jan 2010

Videography Tips #3

Hello guys.. welcome back.. how's ur weekend?.. great rite?.. OK now we continue with our videography tips.. today i want to share about Ten Helpful Tips for Recording Great Audio.. just email me if u have anything to ask.. happy reading and have a nice day :-).....

Ten Helpful Tips for Recording Great Audio.
  1. Keep hand movements on the camcorder to a minimum.
  2. Avoid long cable runs to minimize interference.
  3. Listen through headphones while you shoot.
  4. Use an external microphone if you have one.
  5. Get the microphone close to the talent.
  6. Keep audio in mind when scouting locations.
  7. Use a wireless mike to avoid cable hassles.
  8. Use a handheld mike for man-on-the-street interviews.
  9. Use a lavalier or boom mike for studio settings.
  10. Don't move mike cables while recording.
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