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3 Nov 2009

Our Services

  • Wedding Videos: Your wedding is a momentous occasion. You will be so caught up in the whirlwind of excitement that the time will pass all too quickly. We will allow you to fully absorb and appreciate the events and candid moments of the day and let you relive them with every viewing.

  • Special Events: We cover all types of special events including company dinners, seminars, conventions, product launching, graduations and many more.

  • Live Projection: Should you requires your event to be projected live on big screen, with excellent audio recording, call us for a free quotation. We have wide range of equipments to suit your budget and needs.

  • Video Editing: We edit your existing video tapes or digital video into stunning memories and secures them onto customized DVDs for all occasions: births, graduations, family functions, vacations, wedding videos and even corporate events.

  • Training/ Promotional Video: We can assist you in preparing your training & promotional video.

  • Video Format Conversion: Convert your old movies stored on VHS, S-VHS into DVD to greatly increase the life of your videos. We specialize in creating quality DVD transfers of your movies at an affordable price.

  • DVD/VCD Duplication: We provide DVD/ VCD duplication services with a faster delivery. Call us for a quotation.

  • Other Video Related Services: Call us for a quotation.


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